• Sisterhood


The sisters VALENTINA (15) and JASMINA (17) live in the Romani slums of Macedonia where they have to cope with the harsh daily struggles. Even though Valentina rebels against their father and resists on dressing like a girl, Jasmina always defends her little sister. When she leaves with her husband ROBBY (30) to Germany though, Valentina is left alone with all the problems. In order to escape the misery and to get to her sister, she creates a fake and abusive marriage, from which Robby rescues her. With the help of a human trafficker and fake documents Valentina manages to come to Germany. There, she has to learn how to cut the cord from Jasmina and Robby in order to finally find her own path in life.

A production of Zeitgeist Filmproduktion, financed by ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel.

Maximilian Feldmann


Ines Berwing