• Ab morgen bin ich mutig

Ab morgen bin ich mutig

If the twelve-year-old Karl had been able to choose who he falls in love with, it probably wouldn’t have been his classmate Lea. Lea is the tallest girl in the class, one head taller than Karl. But even so, it takes great courage for Karl to find out whether Lea likes him too. Karl’s older brother Tom advises him to do something together with Lea. Karl invites the girl to his improvised bathroom laboratory. Photographing and developing pictures has been Karl’s favourite pastime for years. Lea is impressed by Karl’s “light magic” in the laboratory. But Karl still doesn’t know whether she returns his feelings. Time is running out. The sixth grade is almost over. After the summer holidays, Karl and Lea will go to separate schools. Karl’s last chance to become Lea’s boyfriend is the school project trip together.

A production of Zeitgeist Filmproduktion,  financed by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film and German Ministry of Culture (BKM)

Bernd Sahling