• Charly Piranha

Charly Piranha

When has there been a time when joy and fear, anger and awakening, grief and hope were so close to each other and so strong in their meanings as in the years after 1990 in East Germany? When was there more hate and more love, more desire and more rage? And what did this time do to people? To adults, to families, to youth?
Caroline is sixteen years old, joyful and hard-working, smart and beautiful. But when everything falls apart, when the world around her sinks into a kind of vacuum and chaos, when her parents struggle for professional and even human survival and she is confronted with all this opportunism and panic, the girl changes. Caroline becomes Charly Piranha, aggressive and ruthless, full of lust for life and uncompromising.  We accompany her and the people around her on their journey, in search of a new idea of the world and of themselves.

A series production of Zeitgeist Filmproduktion.

Hans-Ullrich Krause


Peter Kahane